Dear colleagues, and dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the 10th Regional Biophysics Conference and the 15th International Summer School of Biophysics, which will be held from August 26–30, 2024 at the University of Split School of Medicine, Split, Croatia. These events are jointly organized by Croatian Biophysical Society and University of Split School of Medicine.

The Regional Biophysics Conference (RBC) was founded by the biophysical societies of Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia with the aim of presenting the latest developments in experimental, theoretical and applied biophysics. The high quality of the RBC and its long tradition attract leading experts in the field to share the latest research results and perspectives on recent breakthroughs in this dynamic, interdisciplinary field.

The RBC places great emphasis on building and strengthening research collaborations and working with instrument manufacturers to present new methodological and technological discoveries to a large community of scientists and potential customers. A significant multinational community of about 150-200 researchers working in the field of biophysics is expected. The science at the conference is generally of the highest quality. Leading experts in the field of biophysics will promote collaboration and networking, which is of great importance for the career development of young researchers and students.

Special attention is paid to young researchers and students. To emphasize the role of young researchers in field of biophysics, this year 15th International Summer School of Biophysics will be joint event parallel to RBC. For more information about the previous schools, click here.

The event offers a stimulating program of lectures and poster sessions covering a wide range of biophysical topics and methods: molecular biophysics; biointerfaces and bioinspired materials; membranes and membrane proteins: structure, function, dynamics; biophysics of viruses; neurobiophysics; cell biophysics and nanomechanics; drug delivery; advanced imaging and spectroscopic techniques; computational methods and machine learning.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the 10th Regional Biophysics Conference and the 15th International Summer School of Biophysics to engage in exciting debates, explore new ideas and initiate new collaborations! Come and join us in Split!

Organizing Committee – RBC2024 & International Summer School of Biophysics

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